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The matching of clothes colors and dress up

Which color will match with which color shirt, many people get puzzled about which color we should wear with which color clothes. Specially in the case of women, many people like to buy clothes of different colors and make clothes and then design them according to their choice by making various beads, laces and handwork. The matching of clothes colors and dress up find below which is my analysis of my work experiences described here.

Will the color of the dress and the matching veil, scarf or hijab be the same?!


There is no end to the tension with which color will match the clothes made by yourself?

Let’s see which color to match with which color in your dress up:

 *If the color of the dress is green: Then orange, brown, white, golden, cream, gray, black veil, scarf or hijab are very suitable with it.

*If the color of the dress is pink then – olive, grey, mint green, white, light blue, turquoise will suit well.

*If the color of the dress is tomato red, then matching with it – cream color, again white and blue colors together with cream color, mint green, biscuit, gray colors are not bad.

*If the color of the dress is electric blue, then matching it with – silver, golden yellow, light brown veil, scarf or hijab is suitable.

*If the color of the clothes is light green then – matching with it – dark blue, brown, yellow, red and gray colors.

* If the color of the dress is olive color then – matching with this color will be – brown, orange, light brown colors.

* If the color of the dress is turquoise then – matching with it – brown, fuchsia, yellow, cherry red, dark purple and cream colors are decent.

* If the color of the clothes is orange, then – matching with it – purple, blue, black, violet and white colors.

* If the color of the dress is cherry red, match it with – light pink, black, white are modest.

 * If the clothes are golden yellow then – blue, grey, brown, red and black are very good matching.

 *Especially if the color of your tops is bright yellow, it will be matched with – blue, fuchsia, different shades of brownish red or purple and grey will be fantastic.

* The dress is light orange color it will be matching with – olive, gray and brown color.

* If it is a lemon-yellow colored dress then don’t delay to match with – blue, gray, cherry red and brown colored veils, scarves or hijabs are beautiful.

* If the color of the clothes is yellow – Then light blue or blue, purple, black and gray matching courteous.

*Matching with dark orange color shirt – brown, light yellow, cherry and olive is gentle.

*If red color shirt or kameez – yellow, white, brown, green, blue and black are good.

*If the color of the dress is gray – it will match with any moody color like: fuchsia, pink, blue red and purple color.

*If the clothes are white then this color goes well with any light or dark color. The best combination is black, red, blue and sky blue.

*If the clothes are beige in color – brown, blue, black, red white and emerald green will make excellent matching.

* If the dress is dark pink it will matching with – brown, grey, yellowish brown, mint green and lime green.

*If the color of the dress is pink – grey, white, mint green, olive, turquoise and light blue will suitable for it.

*If the clothes are dark brown then – lemon-yellow, sky blue, mint green, purple, pink and lime green will suit well.

 *If the color of the dress is brown then – bright blue, cream color, yellow, pink, green are very matching.

*If the color of the clothes is light brown then – light yellow, cream-white, blue, red, green, purple will match well. One thing to note is that the same color can have different shades depending on the type of fabric. For example, a color that would go with a chiffon fabric, the same shade would suit a Georgette or linen fabric more than a cotton fabric.

  • @ Hot or warm colors like orange, red and yellow clothes will make you look hot and make your presence known. But at night, white clothes will give you bright getup. Again, if you want, you can create different looks of the same color by combining these two types of colors. You can take this get up to dress yourself up in an extraordinary way.
Mahin Iqbal

@Cold colors like green, blue, black clothes will give you a matte look. So don’t wear black, blue, sky colors to look matte.

# Again blue or white with dark gray color will give you softness but red or dark pink color will give you festive glow. And so dressing up according to the occasion where you are going for what purpose will reveal your smartness..

Mahin Iqbal

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